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The other 27 players won 6 second-place winners from Tuesday’s draw, matching all the powerball resultswhole set numbers but no Superball numbers. Therefore, Illinois players from Illinois with 4 valid numbers and MegaB

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This week sees the US Powerball break through into triple figures with a jackpot win worth $100 million, while the Mega Millions increases to a colossal $340 million. Big wins over in the UK and Europe sets the Lotto jackpot at £3.1 million while a EuroMillions win would land you a very healthy €17 million.

The top prize was worth £1m (Gold). The other two prizes representing Silver and Bronze were worth £100,000 and £50,000 respectively. Team GB Olympic success meant that the Dicken family from Benfleet celebrated and became millionaires . It was a fateful Monday morning and the pair had risen early. Bill checked the ticket and excitedly informed Jean of their win. At first, they mistakenly believed they had won just £20,000. They took the ticket into Benfleet to check and learnt that they had actually won the £1m prize, not £20,000.

After a single draw, the inventory ratio was 28.6%, and the inventory powerball resultsratio after the second draw was 25.5%. After a single lottery, 15.9% of the single inventory in the inventory is not repeated. A single inventory percentage is twice as high as the inventory percentage.

A £9.4 million rollover jackpot is up for grabs on the UK Lottery this weekend, while the EuroMillions is at €30 million after one UK player won over £76 million on the Friday 2nd November draw. In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot now stands at $90 million, as the Powerball edges slightly ahead with a first prize of $92 million. So, will we have early lottery winners before December, or will there be giant jackpots to win before the year is over? And could you be one of the winners…?

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Why: Reach 1 in 77.520. This possibility is still astronomical, but it is still a huge improvement from the total increase of 6/42 (1 in 5.245.786).